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Solo Albums

Plastic Time (2011) 

My first solo CD "Plastic Time." Featuring performances by Mauricio Salguero, Rebecca Ashe, Mary Elizabeth Thompson-Meyer, Daniel Vega, and Anthony Williams. A collection of chamber works and works for acoustic instruments and electronic media by Mexican born composer Jorge Sosa. An album of daring new works focused on the juxtaposition of noise and beautiful melodic writing.

Enceladus (2011) 


Jorge Sosa, electronics, Dave Lisik, Trumpet.


Enceladus is an electro-acoustic work by New York-based contemporary classical composer, Jorge Sosa. The work is structured around the trumpet playing of jazz musician and composer, Dave Lisik. Consequently, a rich jazz flavour colours the entire work, which is at times reminiscent of late period Weather Report and Miles Davis, but as imagined by someone from, well, from Enceladus!

The album was inspired by the extraordinary natural phenomena occuring in Saturn’s orbit. One of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus was studied and photographed by NASA’s Cassini mission. The research found that frozen dust particles present in the moon’s surface were propelled to space by volcanic activity. These particles are then trapped by Saturn’s gravitational pull and become part of the composition of Saturn’s rings. The implications are fascinating - that the activity of a relatively small entity (itself trapped within the gravitational pull of a larger and vastly more dominant central presence) has the potential to dramatically alter the fundamental character of its larger, more powerful host.

"“The boldest choices on Tárogató Constructions are to be found on Lamneck and Jorge Sosa’s Enchantment, in which Lamneck sounds her most relaxed amid Sosa’s intriguing and deftly painted landscape.”"

Enchantment review by Colin Holter in

Complete Discography:

Esther Lamneck, Tarogato Constructions                                                                                       2018

Includes the work Enchantment for Tarogato and Electronics, Innova Records

Mauricio Salguero, Quirk, Music for Clarinet and Electronics                                                         2014

Includes the work Refraction I,Electroacustico Records

Mexico City Guitar Quartet,  A 5,                                                                                                    2013

Includes the work Sonetos de Quevedo

OPERA America Songbook, volume 2                                                                                           2012

Includes the work Song of the Last Crossing for piano and mezzo-soprano.


Javier Vinasco Clarinet Solo, Mexico 3                                                                                          2012

Includes the work Refraction I for clarinet and fixed media. Cero Records. 

Jorge Sosa, Dave Lisik, Inbal Megiddo, Invenium Viam                                                                 2011

Music by Jorge Sosa and Dave Lisik, Jorge Sosa, electronics, Inbal Megiddo, cello. Rattle Records.

Jorge Sosa, Dave Lisik, Enceladus                                                                                                2011

Music and electronics by Jorge Sosa, Dave Lisik, trumpet. Rattle Records.                      

Richard Nunns, Paul Dyne, Hikoi Journey                                                                                      2011
Music by Richard Nunns and Paul Dyne, Jorge Sosa, electronics. Rattle Records.                      

Jorge Sosa, Plastic Time                                                                                                                2011
Produced by Jorge Sosa.

Dave Lisik, Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald                                                                                      2011
Music by Dave Lisik. Jorge Sosa, electronics. Rattle Records.                                                     

Laura Medisky, Personalities                                                                                                          2011

Includes the work Still Lifefor oboe and electronics. Centaur Records. 

3NSAMBL3 Música Mexicana para Guitarra                                                                                  2011

Includes Cajón for Guitar Trio. Ediciones Pentagrama.

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