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Selected List of Works


In Progress       Monkey, one act opera. Commissioned by Whitesnake Projects. Premiere scheduled for Fall 2021 in Boston.

2019                I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams, one act opera. Commissioned by Whitesnake Projects. 

2016                La Reina, full-length opera, Commissioned by American Lyric Theater


Orchestral and Large Ensemble Works

2019                I Dissent for Chamber Orchestra, Narrator, and Electronics. Commissioned by Albany Symphony. Text extracts by Sonia Sotomayor.

2019                Mambo #1 for Orchestra.

                        Click for Perusal Score

2018                Sunrise for Orchestra, winner Allentown Symphony Pictures at an Exhibition 2018 Competition.

                        Click for Perusal Score

2017                Chinese Lullaby for soprano soloist, female chorus, Guzheng, and Chamber Orchestra. Premiered by the Molloy College Sinfonietta in 2017.

                        Click for Perusal Score

2017                Trés Cantigas de Amigo by Martin Codax (XIII Century) for Soprano, Alto Sax, Percussion and Strings. 

                        Click for Perusal Score

2010                Domino Effect for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra

                        Click for Perusal Score

Electronic Media

2019                Ghost Birds for improvising ensemble and electronics. Written for the NYUNME

2018                Cells for improvising ensemble and electronics. Written for the NYUNME

2017                Elegy for the Victims of Gun Violence for cello electronics. 

2016                Distorted Reality for fixed electronic media. 

2015                Hope(?) for violin, electronics, and live processing. 

2014                Unveiled Cities for improvising iPad, and video. Artwork by Helen Dennis.

2014                Enchantment for improvising Tarogato, fixed media, and live DSP. Written for Esther Lamneck.

2013                Psalm of David for clarinet and electronics. Written for David Krakauer and Kathy Tagg.

2013                Improvisation #1 for improviser(s) and live electronics.

2012                Enceladus for improvised trumpet and electronics.

2012                Time Wave Zero for improvising ensemble and live electronics. 

2011                Sonic Bifurcation for piano and Live Electronics. Premiered at 2012 SEAMUS National Conference.

2011                Kaleidophonic for Flute and Live Electronics. Premiered at Chicago Flute Club, Chicago.

2010                Still Life for Oboe and Fixed Media. Written for Laura Medinsky.

2009                Carnaval for electronics. Recorded by the NYUNME

2009                Ariel for flute, alto flute and fixed media.

2009                Car Garden for fixed electronic media. Selected for the 2009 60X60 International mix. 

2008                Refraction I for clarinet, and electronics.

Vocal and Choral Pieces

2017                Stray Birds. Poetry by Rabindranath Tagore for soprano and mixed chamber ensemble. Arr. Baritone and piano, soprano and piano.

2014                Fruit Gathering for Soprano and piano. Poetry by Rabindranath Tagore

2014                Bessie’s Song to her Doll, for soprano and piano. Premiered at Spectrum NYC 2014.

2014                A Mad Scene, for soprano, baritone, viola, cello, and piano. Text by Lewi Carrol.

2013                Trés Sonetos de Quevedo, for soprano, and Guitar Quartet. Commissioned by Cuarteto de Guitarras de la Ciudad de México,

2012                Song of the Last Crossing for mezzo-soprano and piano. Commissioned by Opera America for the Opera America Songbook.

2010                Three Songs on Poems by Walt Whitman for piano and voice, soprano or tenor.

2006                To Sleep for soprano, alto saxophone and piano. 

2006                Silence, for mezzo-soprano and piano.

2006                The Fly for SATB Winner of Chanticleer Student Composer’s Competition 2006. Premiered scheduled for 2008 in San Francisco.

2005                Romance de la Luna for soprano and piano; also arr. for soprano and four-hand marimba.

Solo Works

2014                For Evelyn, for baritone saxophone. 

2010                Over the Event Horizon for solo piano.

2009                Motto Perpetuo for solo violin. Winner Violin Futura Competition. 

2007                Punto y Linea for solo flute. 

2006                Wedding Processional for solo violin.

2006                Bounce for alto saxophone. 

2003                Capricho para violin solo written for Humberto Lopez. 

2000-2002       Son-es for solo piano.

Chamber Music

2012                A Well Organized Disaster for trombone and percussion, arr. for tuba and percussion, 


2011                Atomicities for mixed sextet      

2011                Tlalocán for flute and percussion. Written for Mary Elizabeth Thompson-Meyer.


2010                Plastic Time for Violin and Flute, 


2009                Flow of the Fountain for flute, clarinet and bassoon, premiered at the Nelson Attkins Museum in Kansas City, February 2009.


2008                Ballade for oboe, alto saxophone and bassoon, premiered at the French American Music School in New York, November 2008.


2005                Oak Ivory and Silver for flute, cello and piano.Winner of the Tonoi Chamber Music Composition Competition, 2007.

2004                Funeral March for saxophone quartet. 

2004                Cajon for guitar trio. arr. Guitar Quartet.

2002                Antiques flute and clarinet duet.

1998                Las Claves for flute and clarinet duet.

Theater and Film Music

2017                De Familia, Short Film by Adrian Pallares, 

2013                Cuestión de Trés by Carmina Narro, Sound Design. Performed at Sala Chopin Theater in Mexico City

2009                El Mambo de Oz by Luis Zelkovich, sound design. Performed at the Teatro el Milagro in Mexico City.

2008                The Massive Annual by Emily Conbere, sound design. Read at the Ohio Theater in New York City.

2004                King Lear for piano and cello, directed by Rodrigo Johnson, Teatro Santa Catarina, Mexico City

2002                La Luna en Escorpion music for violin, piano, bass and drums, written by Carmina Narro, Teatro de la Paz Mexico City.

2001                Cartas a Mama, music for violin, piano, cello and percussion, Radio Theater  by David Olguin. Radio UNAM, Mexico City.

2001                El Bosque Desvirtuado, music for violin, piano, bass and drums, directed by Denisse Zuiga. Teatro Rodolfo Usigli, Mexico City.

2000                Mexican Beauty, music for solo piano, directed by Carmina Narro a Teatro La Gruta del Centro Cultural Helenico, Mexico City.

1999                Los Enredos de Satan, music for piano, flute and percussion, directed by Laura Vega,,Ex-convento de Culhuacan, Mexico City.

1997                La ultima y nos vamos, for piano and percussion, directed by Rodrigo Johnson Teatro Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, Mexico City.

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