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Opera Shorts

Buford Highway Dreams (2022), opera scene, commissioned for The Atlanta Opera 96 Hour Opera Project, libretto Alejandra Martinez, language Spanish, Guillermo, tenor, Soon-Jeong, mezzo-soprano, piano. Language: English. Duration: 10:00. 

Samiir’s Feast (2021), opera scene, commissioned by White Snake Projects, libretto by Cerise Jacobs, Samiir, Elliot Page, Tenor, Samantha/Samiira, Laura Soto Bayomi, Soprano, Olivia Johnson Fiona/Fosyia, mezzo-soprano, Tian Hui Ng, Conductor, Laine Rettmer, Director. Orchestra: Violin,  Cello, Piano. 

Duration: 20 minutes. Language: English.

Premier Car Service, A Virtual Opera Scene, (2021), Commissioned by Swell, libretto by Melisa Tien, Passenger, Alok Kumar, Tenor, Driver, Ricardo Rivera, Tenor,

Orchestra: Piano, Violin, Cello, Electronics. Duration: 9:15.

The Monarch of Uxmal (2020), Commissioned by Little Orchestra Society, Text by Jorge Sosa and Diego Sosa, Music by Jorge Sosa, 


Orchestra Reduced: soprano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, and Electronics.


Expanded Orchestra: Soprano, vln 1, vln 2, vla, cello, bass, 1 fl, 1 ob, 1 clr, 1 bssn, 1 trp, 1 hrn, 1 trb, 1 perc, and electronics.


Duration: 23:00.


Language: English


In Development, looking for partnerships, and presenters.




“Ha” is a young girl born from water. She lives in the jungle with her father Yuum. She lives in isolation, and hidden from evil queen Itzia, who wants to destroy the jungle in order to build more pyramids. Ha befriends the creatures from the jungle the birds, the insects, and the spider monkeys, and with their help she will defeat the evil queen, become the monarch of Uxmal, and bring peace and prosperity to the jungle.

The Monarch of Uxmal, ExcerptJorge Sosa
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