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Opera and Vocal Music

In recent years I have focused largely on writing for the classical trained voice, as represented in my songs, and operas. My operatic style blends expansive lyricism, and melodrama with electronic sounds, noise, and colorful harmonies. The subject matters tend to center around a larger discussion of the current failures of modern society. 


In my first opera “La Reina”, I explore the savagely violent world of drug trafficking, through the eyes of a victim who evolves to become the victimizer: violence only breeds more violence. In “I Am A Dreamer”, I explore the complicated emotional relationships between immigrants as they struggle to find a place that they can call home, trapped between worlds that reject them for exploring their identities. In “Monkey”, the search for knowledge and spirituality becomes the backdrop for a fantastic quest rooted in Buddhist legends and mysticism. Self-sacrifice, friendship, and community become the redeeming qualities of the characters, who defeat the forces of darkness, power, and gluttony. 

I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams (2019)


Music by Jorge Sosa

Libretto by Cerise Jacobs

Commissioned by Whitesnake Projects

"Sosa’s composition is well-balanced to the story’s narrative, and his vocal writing aroused strong emotional peaks and valleys, magnified by the characters’ impassioned performances. "

Kevin Baldwin, I Care if You Listen

Review of "I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams"

"Jacobs’s collaboration with Mexican-born composer Jorge Sosa might be White Snake’s least logistically complex affair to date. It’s also the best... Dreamer” is worth seeing,  "

Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe

Review of "I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams"

"I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer timely, poignant, and artistically satisfying. "

Laura Stanfield Prichard, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Review of "I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams"

La Reina (2016)


Music by Jorge Sosa

Libretto by Jorge Sosa and Laura Sosa

Commissioned by American Lyric Theater

The electronically produced high-pitched screeches Sosa orchestrates serve as a dictator of Beltran’s madness and gives us the feeling that her cold prison cell bars are not only screaming, but bending and twisting their way towards her”.

Evan McCormack, Opera Pulse

Review of "La Reina"

Song of the Last Crossing (2014)

Music by Jorge Sosa

Audrey Babcock, Mezzo, Craig Ketter, Piano

Commissioned for the Opera America Songbook

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