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2013-2021, Stray Birds for soprano and piano, text by Rabindranath Tagore

VOLUME I (2013) 1) Seagulls, 2) In My Solitude of Heart, 3) Let Life be Beautiful, 4) The Cloud Stood Humbly, 5) Dance of Water, 6) The Leaf Becomes Flower, 7) I Hear Some Rustle, 8) Let Me Think, VOLUME II (2019) 9) The Flaming Fire, 10) The World Has Opened Its Heart, 11) The Burning Lamp, 12) The World Has Kissed My Soul, 13) Men Are Cruel, 14) The Sad Music of Death, VOLUME II (2021) 15) The Water Vessel, 16) Music That Soars, 17) Find Your Beauty, 18) The Walk, 19) The Clouds, 20) Cheerless is the Day, 21) That Love Can Ever Loose. Duration: 45:28.

Stray Birds for soprano and piano

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