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Generación Perdida

Generación Perdida (2022), based on the book “Generación Perdida” by Javier Moro Hernandez (Ediciones Perifericas), adaptation by Jorge Sosa, Music by Jorge Sosa, 

Basic Performing Forces: mezzo-soprano and piano.


Expanded Performing Forces: mezzo-soprano, piano, string quartet,


Duration: 45:00.


Language: Spanish.


In Development, looking for partnerships, and presenters.




The piece is based on the book by Mexican poet Javier Moro Hernandez, who wrote a beautiful and daunting narrative about the more than 100,000 people who have forcibly disappeared in Mexico over the past decade as a direct result of the futile war on drugs.

The violence in Mexico is rampant and systematic. Abductions, kidnappings, and disappearances are tools of war used by the drug cartels, often in collusion with the military, the police, and the political class. This is a war fueled by the insatiable appetite for drugs in the United States, and the sickening cult for firearms, and gun violence. The military grade weapons that kill school children in the United States are also smuggled to Mexico in mass quantities, arming the cartels and organized crime. In opposition to the horror of war we turn to the beauty of music, art, and community.


Publisher: Jorge Sosa Music

Media: Piano/Vocal Workshop, Opera America (2023), Victoria Vargas, mezzo-soprano, Lara Bolton, piano.

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