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Electronic Music

I have a vast catalogue of works involving electronics and media. My electronic works focus largely on the exploration of sound and often juxtapose elements sounds from the physical world, with extended techniques, lush harmonies, and expressive lyricism. My electronic works put forth a humanistic approach, which seeks to transform the cold affect of computer music into a warm and introspective tool for expression. Improvisation and virtuosity play an important role in my electronic language. Many of my works stem from working with fantastic improvisers, who play a large role in bringing the human experience to the foreground. Improvisation and spontaneity become the building blocks for a music that is inherently unyielding. Creating the illusion of flexibility and freedom is an important goal in many of my electronic compositions.     

Still Life for Oboe and Electronics


Laura Medinsky, oboe

Ariel for flute, alto flute, and electronics


Rebecca Ashe, flute

Lisa Bost, Alto Flute

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