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Instrumental Music

In my acoustic works, I aim to translate the ethereal textures and sound explorations of the electronic media into the instrumental realm. In my acoustic writing you can often find a purposeful use of extended techniques, and a colorful palette of textures, and effects that interact with atomic motives and pounding rhythms. The juxtaposition of noise and lyrical melodies make for a music that is both forward-looking and rooted in tradition. 

In this section you will find examples of my Large Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, and Solo Instrument works

"Romantic symphonic music of tragedy and loss is evoked without compromising the twenty-first century edge of industrialized brutality". 


Review of "Elegy for the Victims of Gun Violence" at NYCEMF 2017

Large Ensemble

Large Ensemble

Descarga for Wind Ensemble (2022)

University of Houston Wind Ensemble, Sixto Montesinos, conductor

Son de Harlem (2021)

Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra

Domino Effect (Efecto Dominó) (2011)

Rodrigo Garibay, Saxophone

Raúl Delgado, Conductor,

Orquesta Internacional de las Artes


Chamber Ensemble

Cajón (2008)

Cuarteto de Guitarras de la Ciudad de México

Recorded live at Entrevista con Cristina Pacheco

Plastic Time

Mary Elizabeth Thompson-Meyer, flute, Daniel Vega Albela, violin


Solo Instrument

Reimagined Spring (2021)

Matt Haimovitz, Cello

Punto y Línea (2010)

Rebecca Ashe, flute

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