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2022, Monkey, based on a beloved Chinese tale, commissioned by White Snake Projects , libretto by Cerise Jacobs. Performing Forces:  Monkey, countertenor, Monk, tenor, Zhu, bass, Sha, mezzo-soprano, Guan-Yin, coloratura soprano, Mara, dramatic soprano, Buddha, (TRIO- breakout from chorus: Child soprano, Alto, Bass) Chorus: SATB, Vocal Quartet. Breakout roles: Commander, bass,  Father of Born in Prayer, tenor,  Mother of Born in Prayer soprano,  Ms. Chen, mezzo-soprano. Children’s Chorus (live or sampled), Little monkeys, little demons etc. Orchestra: vln 1, vln 2, vla, vc, bass, pno, perc, electronics. Duration: 80 min. Language: English                   

Monkey, Piano Vocal Score

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